Welcome to Pipe India

Petrocon has a team of Efficient, qualified and hardcore professionals with broad spectrum of consultancy and industrial background. Our industrial training programmers are based on sound engineering principles & methodology, applicable code requirements and Best industrial practices. Engineering solutions is our core competence, focused to assist our clients to get quality engineering design solutions within stipulated time frame. Hence, increasing operational efficiency, manage energy, price risk, reliability and potentially create valuable market for tradable credits.

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Working Hours: 9.30 am to 7.30 pm


Working Days:  Monday to Saturday

Head Office
Petrocon Institute Of Piping Engineering
1st Floor ,Regal Towers.
Near to KSRTC Bus Stand, Mangalore- 575004
Jan 10, 2015
New Batch Starts in Mangalore on every 1st and 15th
of the month
Branch Office
Petrocon Institute Of Piping Engineering
H V S Court Building, Ground Floor,
Above Guru Colortech Printing
Next to Giraffe Coaching Centre, Queens Road,
Indian Express Signal, Bangalore-560 052
Jan 10, 2015
New Batch Starts in Bangalore on every 1st and 15th
of the month
Branch Office
Petrocon Institute Of Piping Engineering
K K Pride Building, Above DTDC Courier Services
4th Floor, Near Gachibowli Circle
Hyderabad-500 032
Branch Office
Petrocon Institute Of Piping Engineering
Satbir building, Office no. 203,
Galo No. 4, Westend Marg, Saidul Ajab,
Near Made Easy & Gokul Bhavan,
Saket, Ext New Delhi-30
Branch Office
Petrocon Institute Of Piping Engineering
No.60, MKN Road, Above Axis Bank
Guindy, (Near Gandhi Market)
Chennai- 600032.
Branch Office
Petrocon Institute Of Piping Engineering
In Association with EduReach
2nd floor,Above ICE GATE Institute,
Khare Town , Near Chhoti Lahoree)
Dharampeth, Nagpur.
Branch Office
Petrocon Institute Of Piping Engineering
House No. 12-2-831/F/1A, Third Floor,
M.A. Arcade, Opposite Amba Theatre, Mehdipatnam,
Hyderabad, Telangana 500028, India

Placed Student Details

Mohammed Mushtaq Ahmed(Karnataka) – rvcemohammed@gmail.com

Mohammed Athif (Karnataka) – ma10793@gmail.com

Muni Prasad Pokala (Andhra Pradesh) – muniprasadpokala@gmail.com

Akshaya Kumar Padmashali (Karnataka) – akhi.vgs@gmail.com akshi.mech@gmail.com

Vyawahare Vaibhav (Maharashtra) – vaibs.vyawahare@gmail.com

Pandhare Roshan (Maharashtra) – roshan7.g.@gmail.com

Chandrashekhar.S.D (Karnataka) – chandrashekhar.sd@gmail.com

Pabbati.Krishna (Hyderabad) – pabbatikrishna@gmail.com

Sharath Kumar (Karnataka) – sharathshetty11@gmail.com

Bilawal Faaz (Karnataka) – bilawalfaaz@yahoo.com

Erram Suresh (Hyderabad) – erram.suresh@gmail.com

Nageshwar Rao (Andhra Pradesh) – adapanageshwar@gmail.com

Akbar Ali(Karnataka) – akbarali.ali1@gmail.com

Deepakchandra M(Karnataka) – dcm1208@gmail.com

Alok Pratap Singh(Uttar Pradesh) – alok.pratap2008@gmail.com

Jagadish(Karnataka) – jagakgd@gmail.com

Afajal Husain Khan(Maharashtra) – afajal.h@gmail.com, ahk_96@yahoo.com

Naslin Pais(Karnataka) – naslinpais@gmail.com

Vijay Dsouza (Karnataka) – vijayjoel1989@gmail.com

Nisar Ahmed(Karnataka) – nisar_aleke@yahoo.com

Harinath (Hyderabad.) – sugunaraj.harinath@gmail.com

Amarnath (Karnataka) – amarnath434@gmail.com

Rasheed (Andhra Pradesh) – rasheed7a@gmail.com

Farman (Bihar) – farman.mech@gmail.com

Akash Kumar Behera (Orissa) – akashkumarbehera25@yahoo.com

Rajesh (Karnataka) – rjshchr1@gmail.com

Praveen Kumar (Hyderabad) – Praveen.piping@gmail.com

Syed Rashed (Hyderabad) – nadeem.rashed@gmail.com

Basheer (Hyderabad) – mech.basheer@gmail.com

Chidanand (Karnataka) – chidanand.pr@gmail.com

A.W. Syed Khalid Hussain – awskh.me@gmail.com

Jonathan Pinto – cjony.19pinto@gmail.com

Imran uzzama(Karnataka) – imran_fraz@rediffmail.com

Rizwan ahmed(Karnataka) – rizwan159@gmail.com

Jagadeesh(Karnataka) – jagandg9@gmail.com

Veeresh h.n(Karnataka) – veeresh.hn@gmail.com

Priyom Sengupta(West Bengal) – priyomsengupta@gmail.com

Srishanth K.B(Karnataka) – shree2706@gmail.com

Rolwin Angelo lobo(Karnataka) – rolwinlobo@gmail.com

Anil Yadav(Mumbai) – anil031084@gmail.com

Vishal A(Kerala) – vishal.a1990@gmail.com

Siddeshwar Yejage(Mumbai)– yejagesiddeshwar7@yahoo.com

Ajitabh Kumar Choubey(Delhi) – ajitabh.mech2012@gmail.com

Davankumar P(Mumbai) – davankumar.dwh@gmail.com

Mohammed Muzammil(Karnataka) – muzammil.bandasale59@yahoo.in, muzammil.bandasale59@gmail.com

Umarul Farooq Moideen(Karnataka) – farooqmk43@gmail.com

Fahad Sheikh(Karnataka) – sos_fahad@yahoo.com

Mohd.Abdul.Haneef(Hyderabad) – ma.haneef0@gmail.com

Vijaynarune(Karnataka) – vijaynarune@gmail.com

Suhan Kumar(Karnataka) – suhankumar10@gmail.com

Abubakar Khan(Uttar Pradesh) – sonu.drafting@gmail.com

Patil Anil Bhlkan(Andhra Pradesh) – anilpatil2912@gmail.com

Mohammed Asif(Karnataka) – asif.piping@gmail.com

Mohammed Mudassar(Karnataka) – mateahmed@gmail.com

Charan S(Karnataka) – cs120591@gmail.com

Shainith Shetty(Karnataka) – shaainith.shetty9@gmail.com

Vikas Pedirelda(Hyderabad) – vikas.pediredla@gmail.com

Zuhed Ahamed(Karnataka) – zhdahamed@yahoo.in

Arun(Kerala) – arunarknpy@gmail.com

Mohammed Sabith(karnataka) – sabith_i@yahoo.com

Umarul Farooq Moideen(Karnataka) – farooqmk43@gmail.com

Nishith B Devadiga(Karnataka) – devadiganishith@yahoo.com

Gaurav(Karnataka) – gaurav3918@gmail.com

Aejaz(Karnataka) – shiekhijaz@gmail.com

Sandeep Salian(Karnataka) – sandeep220@gmail.com

Gurinder Singh(Punjab) – sergurinder@gmail.com

Susheel Kumar Sharma(Jammu) – susheel762@gmail.com

Rohan Ajay Kamath(Karnataka) – rohan@supergag.info

Kalyan K(Hyderabad) – kalyan.dme@gmail.com

Sharon Pereira(Karnataka) – iamsharonp@gmail.com

Shiva Kumar N Alagawadi(Karnataka) – algwdi@rediffmail.com

Sajid Ansari(Uttar Pradesh) – sajiddhn83@gmail.com

Walston Pinto(Karnataka) – hocruxx@gmail.com

Venkat Durgarao Pendem (Hyderabad) – pendemvenkat@gmail.com, pendemvenkat@rediffmail.com

Prathik N B (Karnataka) – prathiknb@gmail.com

Praveen Babu (Kerala) – praveen2008@gmail.com

Mohammad Parvez A B(Karnataka) – parvezkhan256@yahoo.com

Mohammed Zubair(Karnataka) – zubair149@gmail.com

Bhagath Kumar(Karnataka) – bhagathkumar7@gmail.com

Nagalaxmi Kesani (Andhra Pradesh) – nagalakshmi.kesani@gmail.com

Nikhil V Pawar (Hyderabad) – nikhilsonu85@gmail.com

N.Vinodh (Hyderabad) – nvpuliga@gmail.com

Suraj R Karkera (Karnataka) – Surajnandikoor@gmail.com

Sai Krishna. Nethi (Andhra Pradesh) – nsaikrishna89@gmail.com

Jithin Prakash (Karnataka) – jithinprakashn@gmail.com

Vithala.Ramya (Andhra Pradesh) – vitalaramyavithala@gmail.com

Santosh(Karnataka) – santutatil67@gmail.com

Bhargava K.M (Karnataka) – bhagkm@gmail.com

Vijay Kumar Durgalla (Hyderabad) – vijay.durgalla@gmail.com

107Abel Mathew (Kerala) – abelkorjob87@gmail.com

Mohammed Aslah (Kerala) – thayyilaslah@gmail.com

Jithin VR (Kerala) – jithin_vr2@yahoo.com

Mahesh Indrale (Hyderabad) – mahesh.indrale@gmail.com

Prasanna Kumar (Tamil Nadu) – prasanna_van@yahoo.co.in

Chetan Kuruwatti (Karnataka) – chetan.kurawatti@gmail.com

Sathish Kundapur (Karnataka) – satishkundapur89@gmail.com

Anish Chandran (Hyderabad) – anish.chandran@gmail.com

Kondamuri Mahesh (Hyderabad) – kondamurimahesh@gmail.com

Mohammed Surfaraz (Madhya Pradesh) – msurfaraz@gmail.com

Sivakanth Bojja (Andhra Pradesh) – sivakanthbojja@gmail.com

Sachin K Kumar (Karnataka) – sachkrishn@gmail.com

Mohammed Fazil Ayaz (Karnataka) – mdayaz09@gmail.com

Resmal Muhammed Aslam (Kerala) – resmalmuhammed@gmail.com

Gowtham K R (Karnataka) – krgowtham123@gmail.com

K.N.Siva Prakash (Andhra Pradesh) – sivaprakash527@gmail.com

Pille Anthony Anil Kumar (Andhra Pradesh) – pilli.anil@gmail.com

Ramprasad K K (Karnataka) – ramprasadhasan58 @gmail.com

K.N.SIVA PRAKASH (Andhra Pradesh) – sivaprakash527@gmail.com

PILLE ANTHONY ANIL KUMAR (Andhra Pradesh) – pilli.anil@gmail.com

SACHIN SYAN (Punjab) – Sachin_syan@yahoo.co.in

JAVED PASHA (Andhra Pradesh) – javeed.svits303@gmail.com

NINAD S BANDEKAR (Maharastra) – nbandekar@gmail.com

Shariq Rahiman (Karnataka) – shariq.rahiman@gmail.com

Irfan(Karnataka) – irf.bec@gmail.com

Madhusudhan Rao (Andhra Pradesh) – madhu_you@rediffmail.com, madhu_you@rediffmail.com

Shaibaz Gazge(Maharastra) – shaibazk7gazge@gmail.com

Narendra Kanakacharla(Andhra Pradesh) – knkchrl@yahoo.co.in

CH Vijaykanth (Hyderabad) – vijaykanth.ch@gmail.com

Rauf Dongarkar(Maharastra) – rauf.dongarkar@yahoo.com

Sawood Hodekar(Maharastra) – Sawood.hodekar@rediffmail.com

Mukesh Aneja (Haryana) – aneja_mukesh@yahoo.co.in

Asif Ahmed (Karnataka) – asif_a@live.com

Mohammed Suhail (Kerala) – mohdsuhail06@gmail.com

Faizal Muhammed(Kerala) – faizalmuhammed66@gmail.com

Jithendra Lakshman Vadlamuri(Andhra Pradesh) – jithendralakshman@gmail.com

Gururaj Aithal(Karnataka) – aithal_3@yahoo.co.in

Kallesh (Karnataka) – kalleshbm451@gmail.com

Athif(Karnataka) – atifme022@gmail.com

Chakith(Andhra Pradesh) – chakith@gmail.com

Asim.S.Siddique (Maharastra) – asimsad@gmail.com/ asimshaad@gmail.com

Mohammad Sadiq Ali (Andhra Pradesh) – sadiq.ali7860@gmail.com

Nithin(Karnataka) – gunda230488@gmail.com

Asif Ahmed (Kerala) – asif_a@live.com

GK Raghavendra Rao(Andhra Pradesh) – raghava.gk@gmail.com

Shishir YK (Karnataka) – shisha712@gmail.com

Niranjan Shenoy (Karnataka) – ninan_027@yahoo.com

Syed Zahedulla Hussaini(Hyderabad) – syed_zahed9@yahoo.com

Madhu Komara(Andhra pradesh) – madhus313@gmail.com

Md Aheatesham Raza(Karnataka) – mdaheatesham@gmail.com

Anup Prem Sushanth(Karnataka) – sushanth_anup@yahoo.com

Thushar Kale (Maharashtra) – tushar_3dv@hotmail.com

Nagachaitanya (Andhra Pradesh) – Chaitanya.cnm4011@gmail.com

Bhushan Shivaji Mahajan (Maharashtra) – mahajanbs@yahoo.com

Ismail Irshad (Karnataka) – ismail.irshad@yahoo.com

Deepak Uthangi (Karnataka) – deepakuttangi046@gmail.com

Kallesh B M (Karnataka) – kalleshbm451@gmail.com

Shaik Mujeebuddin (Hyderabad) – shaikmujeeb55@gmail.com

Shreyansh jain(Karnataka) – Shreyanshj2@gmail.com

Harish Vishwanathan (Chennai) – harris_menace@yahoo.co.in

Suseendraraja (Chennai) – suseendraraja@yahoo.com

Msrinivas (Andhra Pradesh) – maddala.srinivas@gmail.com

Mukesh Mahajan(Maharastra) – mukeshrjm@gmail.com

Vaibhav Ekhande (Maharashtra) – vaibhavekhande@gmail.com

Mohammed Ali (Karnataka) – alikt07@gmail.com

Mukesh Mahajan (Maharashtra) – mukeshrjm@gmail.com

Hemant chavan(Goa) – kumar_007@hotmail.com

Kaleem pasha sheikh (Karnataka) – kp_shaik@yahoo.com

Tanzeer (Kolkata) –tanzeer12@yahoo.co.in

Vikranth Pridhvi (Gudivada) – pridhvivikranth@gmail.com

Sayyed Moizuddhin (Hyderabad) – sayyedmoizuddin2001@gmail.com

Irshad (Karnataka) – brirshad@gmail.com

Muthamil (Tamilnadu) – tmuthamilselvan@gmail.com

Tameem (Karnataka) – tameem.quereshi@gmail.com

Pankaj Patil (Maharashtra) – patilpankaj1122@gmail.com

Nikhil Mitta (Andhra Pradesh) – mittanikhil@gmail.com

Sendil (Tamil Nadu) – senthilb2010@gmail.com

Mohammed Abdul Raheem (Hyderabad) – araheem141@gmail.com

Vicky Vikram (Karnataka) – vicky471back@gmail.com

Vinay (Karnataka) – vinaykv88@yahoo.in

Naveen Reddy (Andhra Pradesh) – naveenmuppana.reddy@gmail.com

Arjun Singh (Delhi) – arjunsingh29@gmail.com

Chhotelal Gupta (Bihar) – clgupta89gmail.com

M.H Hussain (Karnataka) – husain.mech2012@gmail.com

Kiran Kumar (Karnataka) – shettykiran11@gmail.com

Mohammed Asad (Hyderabad) – asadullahgouri@gmail.com

Manjunatha.P (Karnataka) – Manjumech034@gmail.com

Praveen mp (Kerala) – praveenmp.9298@gmail.com

Manjunath B M (Karnataka) – mail2manjubm@gmail.com

Subbaraman Vaidyanathan (Tamil Nadu) – vaidyasubba@gmail.com

Chamrithi Naresh (Andhra Pradesh) – rajuking099@gmail.com

Siddique Mujahid (Uttar Pradesh) – mujahid.siddique90@gmail.com

Korimili Prakash (andhra pradesh) – koripra@gmail.com

Prakash Lamani (Karnataka) – prkshlmn@gmail.com

Prashant Upadhye (Karnataka) – prashant.u36@gmail.com

Shivanand Baluchigi (Karnataka) – shivubaluchigi@gamil.com

Mahesh Puttaswamy (Karnataka) – maheshputtaswamy.p@gmail.com

Manjunath.P (Karnataka) – manjumech034@gmail.com

Swatheep Shetty (Karnataka) – Swatheep.shetty@gmail.com

Shameer Ummer (Kerala) – shameer012@gmail.com

Hassan (Kerala) – hassanshas04@gmail.com

Avtar singh (Delhi) – sunny_00_jaswal@yahoo.com

Prabhat Kumar Singh (Delhi) – prabhatkumars48@gmail.com

Deepak Uttangi (Karnataka) – deepakuttangi046@gmail.com

Mohammed Ashraf.K (Kerala) – ashraf26991@gmail.com

Rineesh S R (Kerala) – rineeshsr14@gmail.com

Javed G R (Karnataka) – gulwadyjaved89@gmail.com

Shivaprasad M B (Karnataka) – shivu.mb10@gmail.com

venkat pendem(Andhra Pradesh) – pendemvenkat@gmail.com

Sharath S N (Karnataka) – sharath.shari131@gmail.com

S Chaitanya (Hyderabad) – sugavasi.chaitu12@gmail.com

Pandiselvam (Karnataka) – rpselvam5@gmail.com

Bino K Biji (Kerala) – binokbiji@hotmail.com

Navneeth Puroshotthaman (Kerala) – navneeth13@gmail.com

Onkar Kangale (Maharashtra) – kangale.onkar@gmail.com

Imran Ahmed Khan (Maharashtra) – chemran2011@gmail.com

Mohammed Rinas M.A (Kerala) – rinas02468@gmail.com

Shantaraj P. Kesti (Pune) – shantrajkesti@gmail.com

Dhanush K.P (Karnataka) – dhanushkpb@gmail.com

Sudhir Kumar. K (Hyderabad) – sudhirkumar9013@gmail.com

Shubham Thakur (United Kingdom) – shubhamthakur1248@gmail.com

Saurabh Manoj (Kerala) – saurabhmanoj28@gmail.com

Ravi r (Tamil Nadu) – ravimech71@gmail.com

Chidambaram SP (Tamil Nadu) – spsomu91@gmail.com

Ahamad Nissar (Karnataka) – nisar2789@gmail.com

Sashidhar G( Andra Pradesh) – sashi_gd@yahoo.com

Niyaz Ahmed (Karnataka) – niyazgdg@gmail.com

Praveenkumar M.Karpudi(Karnataka) – Praveen.karpudi@gmail.com

Mohammed Ismail.M.Inamdar (Karnataka) – ismail05410@gmail.com

Siva Prasad. V (Vijayawada) – siva.vinukonda@gmail.com

Shivanand S (Tamil Nadu) – shivanand.me@gmail.com

Sunil kesaralli (Karnataka) – sunilkesaralli@gmail.com

Asif Mohammed (Hyderabad) – asif.piping@gmail.com

Muttineni Satyanarayana (Andhra Pradesh) – muttinenisatya@gmail.com

Vinay Babu Akki (Hyderabad) – vinay2akki@gmail.com

Vikas.G.Nair (Kerala) – vikkid2009@yahoo.com vikkid2005@gmail.com

Katuri peddintaiah (Andhra Pradesh) – peddintaiahkaturi@gmail.com

Muneer Basha SK (Guntur) – munidesigner88@gmail.com

Suneel Kumar.D (Hyderabad) – dustaker@gmail.com

Mahkar Alam (Uttar Pradesh) – mahkaralam@gmail.com

Malatesh N K (Mumbai) – malatesh.karamudi@gmail.com

Venkata Ramachandra P (Andhra Pradesh) – ramachandra.pentela@gmail.com

Rajesh kumar (visakha patnam) – munaparthi.rajeshkumar@gmail.com

BV Nagendhran (Vizag) – bvnagendhran@gmail.com

Satish S Kundapur (Karnataka) – satishkundapur89@gmail.com

Hari Prakash (New Delhi) – hariprakashs567@gmail.com

Kevin Thomas (Kerala) – kevinthomas87@gmail.com

Loyd Roslin D’Souza (Karnataka) – dsouzaloyd22@yahoo.com

Musheer Ahmad (Karnataka) – musheerahmed43@gmail.com

Anthony (Kerala) – antonydhill1991@gmail.com

Sundeep Kumar Sarapu (Andhra Pradesh) – San04n@gmail.com

Moideen Ansar (Kerala) – moideenansar@gmail.com

M Sreenivasulu (Andhra Pradesh) – sreenuvasu115@gmail.com

Rambabu Bhashyam (Andhra Pradesh) – rams5488@gmail.com

Moideen Ansar (Kerala) – moideenansar@gmail.com

Sarvamangala H Nagaraj (Goa) – veena.chemical@gmail.com

Gaurav Malhotra (Delhi) – malhotra.gaurav91@gmail.com

Sabari Girisan.K.S.M (Coimbatore) – k.s.m.sabari@outlook.com

Sandeep Bhandari (Madhya Pradesh) – sandeep.bhandari169@gmail.com

Chiranjeevi P (Karnataka) – chiru.jeevi93@gmail.com

D V S Pavan kumar (Vijayawada) – dtkpavan350@gmail.com

Mainuddin Maldar – mainuddin.maldar@gmail.com

Mainuddin Maldar (Karnataka) – mainuddin.maldar@gmail.com

Jawahar Singh (Uttar Pradesh) – jawahar7@yahoo.com

Chiranjeevi P (Karnataka) – chiru.jeevi93@gmail.com

Mohamed Yusuff (Karnataka) – mdyusa143@gmail.com

Malaravan.A (Tamil Nadu.) – malaravananbu9500@gmail.com

Kota Bhupesh Mitra (Guntur) – bhupeshkota@gmail.com

S Santosh Kumar (Andhra Pradesh) – santoshsatyala@gmail.com

Darshan T (Kerala) – darshanmech01@gmail.com

Anantha Krishnan G (Kerala) – krishna.mech123@yahoo.com

Batta Anil Kumar (Andhra Pradesh) – ak3495085@gmail.com

Marichetty Kumar (Andhra Pradesh) – amma.kum@gmail.com

Mohammedabdul Tawheed (Karnataka) – tawheed678@gmail.com

Venkateshwarlu Perala (Andhra Pradesh) – Perala.venkatesh@gmail.com

Tabrez Satvilkar (Mumbai) – tabrezsatvilkar@gmail.com

Mohammed Musthafa K (Kerala) – musthafa2609@gmail.com

Vishnu VR (Kerala) – vishnuramachandran7@gmail.com

Nilesh Ramesh Bari (Mumbai) – barineal@gmail.com

Prakash Potlabathuni (Andhra Pradesh) – pprakashchem@gmail.com

K S Ajay Kumar (Andhra Pradesh) – k.s.ajaykumar1@gmail.com

K N V Ramana (Andhra Pradesh) – ramana.karini.824@gmail.com

G R Deepak (Andhra Pradesh) – dpak143@yahoo.co.in

E H Sai Madusudhanan (Tamil Nadu) – ehsaims2003@gmail.com

Dinesh A (Andra Pradesh) – dineshadh22@gmail.com

V aravind (Hyderabad) – Aravind13146@gmail.com

Sandeep Thakur (Uttrakhand) – tsandeep135@gmail.com

J M V S Charan K (Andhra Pradesh) – utomailcharan@yahoo.co.in

Suresh M (Andra Pradesh) – mogili.suresh123@gmail.com

MD Imthiaz Ahmed (Andra Pradesh) – imthiaz0690@gmail.com

M MAHESH (Tamil Nadu) – m.maheshms@yahoo.co.in

Rizwan Havaragi (Karnataka) – rizwan.havaragi@yahoo.com

MD Musthafa K (Kerala) – musthafa2609@gmail.com

Bhimireddy Subbareddy (Hyderabad) State: Telangana – subbareddy.bhimireddy09@gmail.com

Yoganand A (Andhra Pradesh) State: Telangana – yogi.addanki@gmail.com

Vamsi Krishna Reddy K (Andhra Pradesh) State : Telangana – vamsireddy.kotrakona@gmail.com

Shaik Moulali (Andhra Pradesh) State : Telangana – shaikmoulali155@gmail.com

K Saikumar Reddy (Hyderabad) State: Telangana – saikalluri430@gmail.com

Dalinaidu U (Andhra Pradesh) State: Telangana – dalinaiduu@gmail.com

Bharat Raja (Andhra Pradesh) State: Telangana – bharatraja.v@gmail.com

Malatesh N K (Mumbai) State: Maharashtra – malatesh.karamudi@gmail.com

Muhammad Sabeer Ali P (Calicut) State: Kerala – shabeerali2002@gmail.com

Rahul Patil (Jalgaon) State: Maharashtra – patilr015@gmail.com

Chetan R Rane (Jalgoan) State: Maharashtra – ranechetan89@gmail.com

Mahajan Amol M (Jalgoan) State: Maharashtra – mahajan.amol20@gmail.com

Arun Kumar K (Karwar) State: Karnataka – arunkatts07@gmail.com

Pradip Pardeshi (Nashik) State: Maharashtra – pradip143pardeshi@gmail.com

Nemade Rupesh A (Kalyan East) State: Maharashtra – nemade.rupesh@gmail.com

Venkatesh V P (Chitradurga) State: Karnataka – dilsevp@gmail.com

Duryodhan Naik (Odisha) State: Orissa – duryodhan.naik97531@gmail.com

Ashish Rane (Solapur) State: Maharashtra – ashurane91@gmail.com

Pradeep kota (Andhra Pradesh) State: Telangana – pradeep92922@gmail.com

MD Ferose Ahmed (Andhra Pradesh) State – Telangana:ferose.ahmedmd@yahoo.com

Nitesh Karela (Gandhinagar) State: Telangana – nkarela@gmail.com

Manjunath C (gadag) State: Karnataka – mn.channappagoudra@gmail.com

SK rahim (Andhra Pradesh) State: Telangana – rahim.chotu@gmail.com

Girish B V (Davanagere) State: Karnataka – girishbvarahad@gmail.com

Manjesh M V (Calicut) State: Kerala – manjesh.vijayan@gmail.com

Naveen Kumar (Tamil Nadu) – naveenproengg@gmail.com

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    My stay in India and studying at Petrocon has been highly rewarding and has put my career in the process piping Engineering field on a sound footing.

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    As per me, it was a worthwhile experience, and great opportunity to be a student, having prepared me for a rewarding career in the field of process piping engineering.


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